Definition Of demesnes


land attached to a manor and retained for the owner's own use.

Where the lord of the manor had a demesne farm, the court appointed a reeve to supervise the farming activities, using labour services and collecting rents.

possession of real property in one's own right.

Foreigners are deprived of the first one - the right of demesne , which points who is the owner of any property, and is the basic and most important property right.

Example Of demesnes

  • a levy of one tenth on property in the royal demesne

  • All kings drew resources from demesne estates and received regular food-rents, services, and payments in money or kind.

  • because labour was cheap, there were ample advantages in cultivating the demesne

  • Bipartite estates were divided between a central demesne and an array of tenant plots.

  • Domesday Book also lists the demesne resources or inputs.

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