Definition Of delicate


a delicate fabric or garment made of such fabric.

It wasn't too long until I discovered her delicates (bras, panties, aerobic outfits, and make-up).

easily broken or damaged; fragile.

delicate china

requiring sensitive or careful handling.

delicate negotiations

very fine in texture or structure; of intricate workmanship or quality.

a spider's web, strong yet delicate

Example Of delicate

  • ‘Leave us to work - this probe is delicate and we need to proceed with a lot of caution,’ he said.

  • Be human in your approach to this delicate situation and the employee will be that much more willing to listen to you.

  • But Martineau was in her sixties and in delicate health.

  • Chemicals from tobacco smoke get into your bloodstream and can damage the delicate blood vessels inside your eye.

  • Corals and other reef organisms are extremely delicate and thus easily damaged.

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