Definition Of defalcate


embezzle (funds with which one has been entrusted).

the officials were charged with defalcating government money

Example Of defalcate

  • A local Chairman and three others have been sued by the Bureau of Anti-Corruption for defalcating about Tk 1.5 lakh from the municipal fund.

  • Almost all officials in the country are corrupt although the amounts of money which they defalcate are various.

  • As the firm did not maintain any regular audits, the clerk's defalcations remained undetected for a long time.

  • Gardner believed the defalcator should be permitted to return, having been sufficiently punished by his exile.

  • He admitted defalcating Rs.70 crore to play ‘satta,’ go on lavish foreign tours and bribe bank officials right and left.

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