Meaning Of decommissio

Synonyms Of decommissio

Definition Of decommissio


withdraw (someone or something) from service, in particular.

If a deal is reached, the IRA is expected to make the first move with plans to decommission its weapons and stand down its military organisation.

Example Of decommissio

  • a decision to decommission the ice patrol ship HMS Endurance

  • A project spokesman said it had been used as a customs ship after it was decommissioned as a research vessel and the items were also consistent with that use.

  • A T-Mobile spokeswoman said the company had been forced to look for a new site in this location because its existing site - on top of Bents Green fire station - was being decommissioned .

  • All but one of the UK's nuclear power plants will have been decommissioned by 2023.

  • Applications are now invited from those wishing to apply to decommission their fishing vessel.

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