Definition Of deactivate


make (something, typically technical equipment or a virus) inactive by disconnecting or destroying it.

the switch deactivates the alarm

Example Of deactivate

  • A migraine may be identified both by its activators (red wine, hunger, lack of sleep, glare, perfume, periods of letdown) and its deactivators (sleep, pregnancy, exhilaration, sumatriptan).

  • Assuming I can find all the motion sensors, I can deactivate them.

  • At the last possible second, when Eusi saw that the Vanguard had not made a single move to power up its weapons or shields, she deactivated the blades.

  • Drilling your employees on lock-out procedures and proper equipment deactivation is paramount.

  • Ergonomic and easy to use, our label deactivators are designed to help retailers maximize cashier efficiency.

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