Synonyms Of deaconesses

Definition Of deaconesses


(in the early church and some modern churches) a woman with duties similar to those of a deacon.

In the early 1970s, while in seminary, I wrote a seminar paper for Professor Glenn Hinson on the roles of deaconesses in the early church.

Example Of deaconesses

  • After a short introduction on the role of deacons and deaconesses , Swan relates the brief stories of sixteen such female ministers.

  • At this time she decided to become a deaconess in the Methodist Church and worked towards that end.

  • Behr-Sigel asks whether the ancient order of the deaconess could be restored since it has never been formally abolished in Orthodoxy.

  • Both authors raise the issue of restoring the long disused order of deaconesses .

  • Churches have a difficult time finding elders, deacons or deaconesses to serve.

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