Definition Of data


a fixed starting point of a scale or operation.

Where multiple samples have been taken from a given site, the stratigraphic position of samples is recorded relative to a fixed datum (marker bed, core depth, etc.).

a piece of information.

As noted above, multiple lines of evidence (‘total’ evidence) are preferable to dependence upon a single datum or technique.

facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.

Police time will then be spent collecting together the data and providing statistics that indicate the ethnicity of those stopped.

Example Of data

  • An electronic tag containing an EPC on a microchip stores and transmits data to a reader.

  • Analysis of variance and Chi square tests were used for statistical analysis of data .

  • Argote gives the example of old recordings of film or data stored on magnetic tape.

  • census data

  • Evaluation is the systematic collection and analysis of relevant data to inform decision making.

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