Definition Of dainty


delicately small and pretty.

a dainty lace handkerchief

fastidious or difficult to please, typically concerning food.

a dainty appetite

something good to eat; a delicacy.

Still lifes usually show beautiful vessels filled with wine and appetizing fruit or other dainties invitingly arranged on lovely china.

Example Of dainty

  • Ahmed took great delight in fixing an assortment of dainty little sandwiches to serve at this daily ritual.

  • Alicia was certain that if only she had been born pretty and dainty like her mother, her life would have been much easier.

  • Also, it's not as if there were a dainty lady around here who would scream and faint dead away at my shocking condition.

  • And then there's food - glorious food - tables groaning with breads, pies, fruitcakes and dainty sweets wrapped with red and green ribbon.

  • Apparently, some dainty fans' feelings were so very hurt.

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