Definition Of custodian


a person who has responsibility for or looks after something.

the custodians of pension and insurance funds

Example Of custodian

  • A good few years ago now custodianship of the PC standard was wrestled from IBM (with quite a bit of inadvertent help from Big Blue), and PC9x was the result of this.

  • A lot of the money was going to help firefighters and policemen, and not a lot was for custodians or attendants or restaurant workers.

  • Another key outcome of these new initiatives is to increase the number of custodians guiding the quality of urban design in our cities.

  • As a result, the Silverton Branch under D&S custodianship is probably in better physical condition today than at any time in its entire 130-year history.

  • As he points out, one of the cornerstones of the new concept of multifunctional agriculture envisaged by the EU for its farmers is to promote and support the role of farmers as custodians of the countryside.

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