Definition Of curtilage


an area of land attached to a house and forming one enclosure with it.

the roads within the curtilage of the development site

Example Of curtilage

  • A limited area within the curtilage of the Cliff House Hotel site is being zoned for primary residential and to protect and enhance the special physical and social character of the area.

  • Any land that could be argued to be beyond the curtilage but still within the control of the applicant is unsuitable for landing helicopters due to tree cover or topography.

  • As described earlier, building curtilages virtually surround the appeal site.

  • At best, it shows that the land was held for the prospect of future attachment; and, in any event, the putative buildings for County Council purposes on these areas would have produced a distinct curtilage or curtilages .

  • But in the old Ecclesiastical law, it is not part of a curtilage of the church.

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