Definition Of curtails


reduce in extent or quantity; impose a restriction on.

civil liberties were further curtailed

Example Of curtails

  • ‘So if vaccination curtails the outbreak sooner than the slaughter-only policy, the disease-free status would be regained more quickly than if vaccination is not used,’ the letter states.

  • ‘The curtailment of foot patrols along rivers was availed of by some individuals to engage in illegal activity,’ he said.

  • But let's introduce a drastic curtailment of take-away liquor sales, particular on those days of the week when welfare payments are freshly available.

  • But what they end up with, after all the reserve they impose (and which curtails their creative impetus) is merely anecdotal.

  • Capitalism also sharply curtails the liberty of many more people who feel that their choices are limited by fear that their resources will be catastrophically limited unless they make significant sacrifices to their employers.

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