Definition Of curtail


reduce in extent or quantity; impose a restriction on.

civil liberties were further curtailed

Example Of curtail

  • ‘So if vaccination curtails the outbreak sooner than the slaughter-only policy, the disease-free status would be regained more quickly than if vaccination is not used,’ the letter states.

  • ‘The curtailment of foot patrols along rivers was availed of by some individuals to engage in illegal activity,’ he said.

  • Behaviors such as recycling need to be sustained over long periods of time, and the curtailment of environmentally harmful actions is also important.

  • But let's introduce a drastic curtailment of take-away liquor sales, particular on those days of the week when welfare payments are freshly available.

  • But what they end up with, after all the reserve they impose (and which curtails their creative impetus) is merely anecdotal.

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