Definition Of curl


form or cause to form into a curved or spiral shape.

her fingers curled around the microphone

play at the game of curling.

She began curling in high school and finished second at the Wisconsin state high school championships.

something having a spiral or inwardly curved form, especially a lock of hair.

her blond hair was a mass of tangled curls

the vector product of the operator del and a given vector.

Example Of curl

  • a slice of ham had begun to curl up at the edges

  • Because the Smith machine limits you to a fixed path, the range of motion here will be shorter than on a free-weight barbell curl .

  • Doug's lips curl in contempt towards his brother-in-law.

  • Ego wins the day, and another pair of biceps is left to wilt for the glory of a heavy barbell curl .

  • Finally, for you curly heads, don't towel dry your hair because it'll break up your natural curl , creating lackluster, frizzy hair.

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