Definition Of crown


(of a baby's head during labor) fully appear in the vaginal opening prior to emerging.

It was an easy labour and, within five hours, Filipa was fully dilated and the baby's head was crowning .

a British coin with a face value of five shillings or 25 pence, now minted only for commemorative purposes.

Croft twiddled a silver crown piece in his hand and examined it with great interest.

a circular ornamental headdress worn by a monarch as a symbol of authority, usually made of or decorated with precious metals and jewels.

Room after room of the Armoury reveals incredible riches, including the imperial crown , mace and sceptre of the Tsars.

a paper size, now standardized at 384 × 504 mm.

be the triumphant culmination of (an effort or endeavor, especially a prolonged one).

years of struggle were crowned by a state visit to Paris

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Example Of crown

  • A tree crown develops through the repetitive production of shoots.

  • All you need to do is push and pull at the crown of the tooth with your tongue.

  • Archie went back to defending his light heavyweight crown stopping the highly regarded Tony Anthony in seven rounds.

  • But he has bounced back to his best in 2004, regaining his world crown and now becoming Olympic champion.

  • But he kept his kingdoms in peace at home and abroad, he preserved the powers of the crown , and he held the church firmly to a middle course.

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