Definition Of crowded


(of a number of people) fill (a space) almost completely, leaving little or no room for movement.

the dance floor was crowded with revelers

(of a space) full of people, leaving little or no room for movement; packed.

a very crowded room

exclude someone or something by taking their place.

grass invading the canyon has crowded out native plants

move too close to (someone).

don't crowd her, she needs air

Example Of crowded

  • A teenager was jailed yesterday for killing a rape suspect by stabbing him in the middle of a crowded shopping street.

  • Along with the pressure for profitability, consolidation looms in the crowded market space.

  • Here's are some typical scenes in the Booth we were always very crowded !

  • In Istanbul thousands of mourners gathered for funerals for some of the 17 people killed by twin blasts in a crowded city square.

  • In support of his claim, he tells a story of riding a crowded night train through New York State.

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