Definition Of cross


(of a person) make the sign of the cross in front of one's chest as a sign of Christian reverence or to invoke divine protection.

Ted said thanks for the evening and Mary crossed herself and invoked some sort of biblical curse.

a mark, object, or figure formed by two short intersecting lines or pieces (+ or ×).

cut a cross in the bark with a sharp knife

a sideways or transverse movement or pass, in particular.

an animal or plant resulting from crossbreeding; a hybrid.

a Devon and Holstein cross

an upright post with a transverse bar, as used in antiquity for crucifixion.

May that which is unholy within me be nailed to the sacrificial cross of crucifixion and may that which pleases you be raised in the holy and blessed hope of the ressurection.

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Example Of cross

  • A guy had a whole table of laboratory glassware and I was able to cross an item off my list of lifetime goals: I now own a bell jar.

  • At least twenty people have offered to sell me a piece of the true cross .

  • Before the cross became a Christian symbol, it already symbolized torture in the Roman Empire.

  • But no sane person can tell me that a mother deserves to be made carry the cross that Mrs. McGinley now carries.

  • Covered only from waist down by white sheets, they evoked a cross between Greek statues and hospital patients.

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