Definition Of crash


(of a business, a market, or a price) fall suddenly and disastrously in value.

silver prices crashed in early 1980

(of a machine, system, or software) fail suddenly.

the project was postponed because the computer crashed

(of a vehicle) collide violently with an obstacle or another vehicle.

the stolen car she was riding in crashed into a tree

a coarse plain linen, woolen, or cotton fabric, used for curtains and towels.

a sudden disastrous drop in the value or price of something, especially shares of stock.

a stock market crash

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Example Of crash

  • A crash in the world price of coffee diminished government revenues and disrupted the local economy.

  • a crash of thunder

  • A high-speed head-on car crash claimed the lives of a teenager and two elderly women, an inquest heard.

  • A level crossing keeper has been suspended after yesterday's rail crash in Lincolnshire.

  • A pilot battled to avoid a plane crash as his stricken aircraft circled over Colchester

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