Definition Of cover


(of a male animal, especially a stallion) copulate with (a female animal), especially as part of a commercial transaction between the owners of the animals.

Fortunately, we found this out before the stallion commenced covering mares from September 1 and saved many breeders from disappointment.

(of a sum of money) be enough to pay (a bill or cost).

there are grants to cover the cost of materials for loft insulation

a place setting at a table in a restaurant.

Slightly smaller, with about 40 covers , the restaurant will continue to produce his distinctive cuisine.

a recording or performance of a previously recorded song made especially to take advantage of the original's success.

A tired old boy band singing a cover version of a song that was rubbish anyway?

a thing that lies on, over, or around something, especially in order to protect or conceal it.

a seat cover

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Example Of cover

  • A colleague at one of the service providers that we cover told me a few months ago that I was perspicacious.

  • a seat cover

  • At no time have I ever observed these specimens venturing out from cover , regardless of how dim the light.

  • At that time, the intelligence services used cover organizations to ask him to write about China.

  • Canopy cover strongly suppressed the transpiration activity in the shoots.

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