Definition Of counsellor


a person trained to give guidance on personal, social, or psychological problems.

a marriage counselor

a person who supervises children at a camp.

Camps should gather specific information about each child and use that in meetings with counselors and supervisors.

a senior officer in the diplomatic service.

Those with interpersonal intelligence are sensitive to others; think of diplomats and counselors as examples.

a trial lawyer.

Now she was working as a receptionist and sometime counselor , but she was planning to become a paralegal and, after that, an attorney.

Example Of counsellor

  • a counsellor at the Russian embassy

  • A counselor or school psychologist can help identify practical solutions that make it easier for the child and family to cope day by day.

  • A canine behaviour counsellor , he was also brought to the programme by the Blue Cross.

  • a debt counsellor

  • a marriage counsellor

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