Definition Of corner


(of a vehicle or driver) go around a bend in a road.

no squeal is evident from the tires when cornering fast

a part, region, or area, especially one regarded as secluded or remote.

they descended on the college from all corners of the world

a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet.

Jan sat at one corner of the table

control (a market) by dominating the supply of a particular commodity.

whether they will corner the market in graphics software remains to be seen

each of the diagonally opposite ends of the ring, where a contestant rests between rounds.

They stood in opposite corners of the ring, our man with his back to the tent fighter, waiting to be called to fight by the clang of the bell.

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Example Of corner

  • corner unit

  • a cigarette hung from the corner of his mouth

  • an apartment on the corner of 199th Street and Amsterdam Avenue

  • As a matter of fact, Winston did watch women, he and his friends, on the corner of Frederick Street.

  • Becoming super-fit changed every corner of my life for the better.

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