Definition Of core


(used as the second element of various compounds) denoting types of rock or dance music that have an aggressive presentation.


denoting or relating to a figure for inflation that excludes certain items, chiefly food and energy, that are subject to sudden and temporary price fluctuations.

core inflation was up 2.3 percent over the 12 month period

remove the tough central part and seeds from (a fruit).

peel and core the pears

the central or most important part of something.

the dense central region of a planet, especially the nickel–iron inner part of the earth.

The Earth has an iron core surrounded by a dense layer called the mantle, which is capped with a thin rind of rocky crust.

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Example Of core

  • A constant core activity is humanitarian aid - providing medicine and care for the sick, transporting the infirm, buying bricks or roofing material to repair housing.

  • a flexible core of permanent employees

  • A piece of flint struck from a core which characteristically shows traces of the processes of removal: concentric fracture ripples and a bulb of percussion.

  • an apple core

  • And yet scientists have a good idea of when the Earth formed, how quickly the iron core settled to the center of the planet, when oceans began to appear, and so on.

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