Definition Of constitutive


forming a part or constituent of something; component.

poverty is a constitutive element of a particular form of economic growth

having the power to establish or give organized existence to something.

the state began to exercise a new and constitutive function

relating to an enzyme or enzyme system that is continuously produced in an organism, regardless of the needs of cells.

Fig.2 A illustrates the color heterogeneity encountered in various cells with constitutive expression of concatemer.

Example Of constitutive

  • A number of prescriptions are necessary to provide closure to the mass and momentum equations: these are the constitutive equations that establish the link between physical laws and biological behaviors.

  • Accounting history research, accordingly, has become a constitutive element for the overall accounting research agenda.

  • Alexis de Tocqueville wrote, in the 1830s, that the great constitutive power of the American republic was its town councils and rural communities, in which small assemblies of citizens took counsel for their immediate good.

  • As already noted, in some studies it proved impossible to recover levan transformants using an otherwise successful constitutive transformation system indicating that expression of the levan sucrase can be lethal.

  • Autohistory, as a selective and subjective process, recognizes the constitutive function of memory work in the construction of historical narratives.

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