Definition Of consequent


a thing that follows another.

following as a result or effect.

labor shortages would be created with a consequent increase in wages

Example Of consequent

  • A recent survey of the traffic in the town revealed that on an average weekday, more than 4000 vehicles pass along Main Street, with consequent difficulties for those trying to cross the road.

  • As a result of shorter hospital stays and a consequent increase in the acute care provided in outpatient settings, the authors say, the office practice setting could yield a greater margin for improvement.

  • As a result of the consequent shortfall between supply and demand, a spokesman complained, some poor schools would have to recycle worn out copies, so that needy children would be learning from third- or even fourth-hand books.

  • As a result, effects in one domain generate consequent effects in the other domains.

  • But every complete sentence can be used without expressing a judgement, for instance as the antecedent or consequent of a conditional.

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