Definition Of condominium


a building or complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments or houses.

The works department estimates that multi-family dwellings - which include apartments, condominiums and townhouse complexes - are home to about 40 per cent of Toronto's population.

the joint control of a country's or territory's affairs by other countries.

If anything, new Europe - the Europe of the European Union - has been driven by the Franco-German condominium .

Example Of condominium

  • A condominium , however, should not become the sole focus of American efforts to create a new security architecture in the region, because better solutions are needed for the more immediate term.

  • A condominium property was built on these lands.

  • Banglamung police were called to a condominium in Naklua after cleaning staff reported the death of one of the residents.

  • Competing British and French claims to the islands led to the formation of a condominium government, allowing for joint British-French rule in 1906.

  • Condo-hotels, as the name suggests, provide condominium ownership in a hotel-like setting and are a growing trend in property ownership.

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