Definition Of condign

(of punishment or retribution) appropriate to the crime or wrongdoing; fitting and deserved.

I may pity him, and even understand his motives, but a murderer is still deserving of condign punishment.

Example Of condign

  • A month later, condign civilian behaviour is less easy to judge.

  • Abu Salem's extradition has additional complications, and there is little possibility of his eventually facing condign punishment for his outrageous crimes.

  • Angela Wendt's costumes and Russell H. Champa's lighting condignly complete the picture.

  • As he points out, if the allegation were true, this leak would constitute a serious breach of national security and would merit condign punishment under a 1982 law.

  • Can liberals accept that an undervote usually reflects either voter carelessness, for which the voter suffers the condign punishment of an unrecorded preference, or reflects the voter's choice not to express a preference?

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