Definition Of concretion


a hard solid mass formed by the local accumulation of matter, especially within the body or within a mass of sediment.

a mass of small concretions, each built up layer upon layer around some small nucleus

Example Of concretion

  • A nodule is a type of concretion with a rough and knobby surface.

  • An offshore marine environment of deposition is suggested for the mudstones, with the concretionary horizons interpreted to represent periods of reduced sedimentation, and early cementation.

  • Asbestos bodies are asbestos fibers that have been coated with an iron-rich, proteinaceous concretion .

  • At certain levels, carbonate-rich beds are present, inside which decimetre-scale hard calcareous concretions develop.

  • At Cresson Quarry, the Kiamichi Formation is 10 m thick and comprises silty marls with concretionary limestone lenses and layers and minor beds of fine sandstone.

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