Definition Of conceit


a fanciful expression in writing or speech; an elaborate metaphor.

the idea of the wind's singing is a prime romantic conceit

excessive pride in oneself.

he was puffed up with conceit

Example Of conceit

  • ALTHOUGH IT IS an old idea, the conceit that faith can maintain its hold on the imagination only as long as there are blinkers on human vision still has considerable appeal.

  • Although undoubtedly he made many enemies through a combination of conceit , arrogance and a quick temper, Bankes was an important early figure in Nubian and Near Eastern archaeology, and the nascent study of Egyptology.

  • And yet, there is a suggestive promise that the conceit , if rightly understood, offers something more, perhaps something less bleak.

  • Another fact that could almost be a conceit in his own fiction is that Self's name is ‘semantically camouflaged’ as far as the internet is concerned.

  • ‘You are an unlovely mixture of conceit and arrogance,’ one South African MP told another in 1969.

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