Definition Of compares


estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.

individual schools compared their facilities with those of others in the area

form the comparative and superlative degrees of (an adjective or an adverb).

words of one syllable are usually compared by “-er” and “-est.”

Example Of compares

  • Backer board was developed several years ago as a clean and simple method and compares in quality to the traditional but difficult route of doing a mortar bed.

  • Bottom line, for me, is that it works, works quickly and, in terms of side-effects, compares favourably with, say, antidepressant medication.

  • Care home owners claim the financial cost of meeting the new standards cannot compare with the cash they are paid by local authorities to keep going.

  • For single people, Ireland now compares favourably in after-tax terms with most European countries.

  • He commissioned a survey that would compare British prices with those in other countries.

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