Definition Of colt

a type of revolver.

The problem is found in discerning which Colts are black powder guns and which are smokeless.

a young, uncastrated male horse, in particular one less than four years old.

The total number of horses - 2,668 colts , 2,440 fillies, and two geldings - is 219 more than last year's previous record of 4,891.

Example Of colt

  • Any colt or filly who wins a Classic is likely to be much sought after as a stallion or brood mare.

  • For example, a young colt will turn to put his primary line in line with yours and he'll raise his head to grow taller and get a good look.

  • He changes the notion of kingship by riding on a colt rather than a horse.

  • I hated this time of year as the young colts or filly used to be brought to the forge to have something done to their feet.

  • I thought her performance was excellent, better than anything she had achieved before, since she was taking on colts and older horses for the first time.

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