Definition Of color-blind


not influenced by racial prejudice.

a color-blind society

unable to distinguish certain colors, or (rarely in humans) any colors at all.

Example Of color-blind

  • A degree of short-term separateness and colour-consciousness is needed to achieve the long-term goal of an integrated and colour-blind society.

  • A half-century ago, Southern Democrats campaigned by opposing color-blind laws, stirring up racial fears, and silencing those who opposed them.

  • After more than 30 years of work on the psychology of racism and antiracism, I continue to be mystified by how difficult it is for many to see the falsehoods of the color-blind society.

  • All of the people in this documentary are strong: not only are they African-Canadians living in a society that likes to pretend it is colour-blind , they are gay and they dress up as women for a living.

  • Capitalism is colour-blind and gender-blind, and does not discriminate based on religious belief or sexual orientation.

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