Definition Of collect


(in church use) a short prayer, especially one assigned to a particular day or season.

However, a new type of short full anthem, often a setting of one of the seasonal collects , gained in popularity after about 1800.

(with reference to a telephone call) to be paid for by the person receiving it.

I called my mother collect

bring or gather together (things, typically when scattered or widespread).

he went around the office collecting old coffee cups

call for and take away; fetch.

the children were collected from school

cause (a horse) to bring its hind legs further forward as it moves, thereby shortening the stride and increasing balance and impulsion.

This is an easy way to encourage the horse to collect as he halts which will be a paramount balance skill later on.

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Example Of collect

  • After today's race Tergat is off to America to collect an honorary degree from a New York university.

  • Anyone registering this week should arrive 45 minutes before the start time to collect numbers and kit.

  • ‘I began learning our pocket going around barrels and how to rate and collect him, and he caught on fast’ says Harmon.

  • Bart must apologize to Australia after he tricks a boy from down under into accepting an expensive collect call.

  • Determine percent of plants being damaged and collect a number of cutworm larvae to determine the predominant stage of larval development.

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