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a substance that causes blood or another liquid to coagulate.

Virtually every major type of water treatment chemical is used by the pulp and paper industry; coagulants and corrosion inhibitors are the two leading product families.

Example Of coagulants

  • A little sour whey or other coagulant is added after the heating to help form the second lot of curd, which is then skimmed off.

  • Always have on hand one of the antiseptic coagulants which you can purchase through any pet supply manufacturer for your dog.

  • an injection of blood coagulant

  • And then David also had a silent risk factor, an inherited blood coagulant disorder that was only discovered after the autopsy was performed.

  • Biocides, coagulants , and corrosion inhibitors are the leading products used in the petroleum market.

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