Definition Of clipping


a small piece trimmed from something.

hedge clippings and grass cuttings

cut short or trim (hair, wool, nails, or vegetation) with shears or scissors.

clipping the hedge

fasten or be fastened with a clip or clips.

she clipped on a pair of diamond earrings

move quickly in a specified direction.

we clip down the track

strike briskly or with a glancing blow.

the steamroller clipped some parked cars

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Example Of clipping

  • A hairdresser had his bank balance trimmed by more than £1,000 for dumping a bag of clippings in the street.

  • Any compost containing grass clippings is used for field crops only.

  • Cape resembles an inverted umbrella to catch clippings as you trim, so neck, clothes and floor are protected.

  • Counter just trims his shrubs every autumn, and uses the clippings as mulch.

  • He has made a point over many years of keeping clippings files of articles from major newspapers.

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