Definition Of climacteric


a critical period or event.

the first major climacteric in twentieth-century poetry

having extreme and far-reaching implications or results; critical.

Britain must possess so climacteric a weapon in order to deter an atomically armed enemy

Example Of climacteric

  • A transitional period occurs prior to menopause termed the climacteric or perimenopause.

  • Again, the results revealed no significant differences in climacteric symptoms or well-being between the groups.

  • As a senescing hormone, it promotes leaf-yellowing, climacteric fruit ripening, flower and leaf abscission.

  • At the climacteric , various symptoms such as forgetfulness, hot flush, depressive neurosis, abnormal sensation, and sleeplessness are often observed, due to hypofunction of the ovaries.

  • Both Western and Chinese herbal traditions have numerous solutions for climacteric women.

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