Definition Of circumstantial


(of a description) containing full details.

the picture was circumstantial and therefore convincing

(of evidence or a legal case) pointing indirectly toward someone's guilt but not conclusively proving it.

Intent can, of course, always be proved through circumstantial evidence.

Example Of circumstantial

  • All of the evidence is circumstantial and requires the drawing of inferences.

  • And it is clear from reading his evidence that his conclusion was firmly based on that medical and circumstantial evidence, as one would expect.

  • As in national law, in international criminal law a culpable state of mind is normally proved in court by circumstantial evidence.

  • As it is not properly a term of the British marine, a more circumstantial account of it might be considered foreign to our plan.

  • ‘You can prove the case circumstantially ,’ she said.

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