Definition Of chippy

(of a person) touchy and defensive, especially on account of having a grievance or a sense of inferiority.

Without it I had cobbled together a half-baked credo of chippy self-sufficiency and an irritating need to be recognised.

a carpenter.

Take a trek to any building site and you'll see many Partners being used by a variety of tradesmen including chippies , sparkies, painters and plumbers.

a fish-and-chip shop.

That way you can visit the off licence, the sweet shop and the chippie without wasting energy.

a prostitute or promiscuous young woman.

Example Of chippy

  • A younger person who starts out and behaves in a chippy way doesn't last long.

  • After cycling to Tobermory for an overnight stop and two unforgettable deep fried scallop suppers from the local chippy , we still have a thirst for more beaches.

  • After every celebration of their maturity, they revert to gawky, chippy adolescents until the next time they put on a party for the world.

  • And about 10 years ago we used to have a pie shop, a chippy on the street and others around here before they closed down.

  • As far as I can see, it's full of chippy weegies wearing cardies and bad shoes.

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