Definition Of chink


a Chinese person.

a high-pitched ringing sound.

the chink of glasses

a narrow opening or crack, typically one that admits light.

a chink in the curtains

make or cause to make a light and high-pitched ringing sound, as of glasses or coins striking together.

the chain joining the handcuffs chinked

Example Of chink

  • a chink in the curtains

  • A chink of light arrived when Adebola headed a consolation on his Turf Moor debut with just five minutes left, reacting first when Robbie Blake's cross cannoned off a Watford knee.

  • A chink of light for North and East Yorkshire's hard-hit farming community will be unveiled next week, the Evening Press can exclusively reveal.

  • A chink of light was given to the fans when the RFL decided to wait until Tuesday, March 26, to see if anyone comes forward to take on the club before accepting the Wasps' resignation.

  • A chink sounded and Ice appeared from behind the bar with a shotgun.

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