Definition Of cautions


an amusing or surprising person.

care taken to avoid danger or mistakes.

anyone receiving a suspect package should exercise extreme caution

say something as a warning.

the secretary cautioned that economic uncertainties remained

Example Of cautions

  • A coroner has urged climbers to exercise extreme caution when tackling limestone cliffs in the Dales.

  • And he cautions that all examples of behaviors that benefit individuals in the modern world are not necessarily products of evolution.

  • As a defence of this immunity from action, it has been suggested that the prospect of litigation in such circumstances would cause delay and lead to excessive caution by ministers and officials.

  • ‘Any extension should also have a finite timeframe so that such extensions cannot be exploited indefinitely,’ he cautioned .

  • ‘Never lock your pets in a closed room, particularly a garage’ - the caution comes from V.R. Bhaskar.

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