Definition Of casuistries


the use of clever but unsound reasoning, especially in relation to moral questions; sophistry.

It speaks on its own accord, barking out those cheap casuistries and cliches that you use like so many crutches.

Example Of casuistries

  • And he finishes with the sort of depraved casuistry he is always so eager to spot in his opponents.

  • At the root of all such casuistry is the inability of the comfortable inhabitants of the developed world to realise how bad the worst can be.

  • Can we appropriate them in their simplicity, without falling into trivialization and reductionism, and in their complexity, without falling into casuistry ?

  • For decades, ‘Jesuitical’ became a term of abuse, signifying mental reservation, prevarication, and casuistry .

  • He seems to confuse good governance with ‘political bullying’, and should take lessons in casuistry from someone.

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