Definition Of casing


a cover or shell that protects or encloses something.

a waterproof casing

reconnoiter (a place) before carrying out a robbery.

I was casing the joint

surround in a material or substance.

the towers are of steel cased in granite

the frame around a door or window.

You should definitely caulk along the top of the baseboards, along the edge of the crown moulding were it meets the paneling, around all window and door casings and along corner moulding, if you have it.

Example Of casing

  • a waterproof casing

  • Among the clutter of computer screens, racks of original prints and an underwater camera casing are enlarged copies of the rare archive photographs taken of the sinking boats.

  • Bright orange casings protect the microphones from wind, which is one of the biggest problems for acoustic researchers.

  • Don't forget the tops of window and door casings .

  • Electricity cables are normally covered in a protective casing which warns workers if they are about to hit a power pipe but these mains were not covered, the company said.

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