Definition Of cartage


the transporting of something in a cart or other vehicle.

The plan would result in the gradual closure of the rail system and the transfer of total cane cartage to road transport.

Example Of cartage

  • And because the demand for livestock cartage had been ‘slow’ the price issue had less urgency.

  • As a matter of course he also strays farther afield, both geographically (down the Mississippi to New Orleans) and to embrace road and rail cartage .

  • Corvées of ploughing and long-distance cartage were the most durable elements of the manorial system and were the services most wanted by the lord.

  • Housed in a building that was once home to film director Tim Burton and his production studio, Swing House also offers Public Address and equipment rentals, cartage and storage.

  • In most cases these materials may just satisfy the structural requirement of pavement material but, due to their proximity, they are cheaper than stronger materials which have the added cost of cartage from more distant sites.

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