Definition Of canter


(of a horse) move at a canter in a particular direction.

they cantered down into the village

a three-beat gait of a horse or other quadruped between a trot and a gallop.

he kicked his horse into a canter

Example Of canter

  • All horses canter well when no rider is on board.

  • As you evaluate your own progress, however, you may find that you can be relaxed at the walk on any horse but you cannot yet be relaxed at the trot on some horses or at the canter on others.

  • At stride five, the horse will simply jump and canter away.

  • But the horse broke into a canter and despite Rachel's attempts to cling on, she slid off, fracturing her skull.

  • But they really don't see much connection between how they, say, lead their horse from the barn to the arena and how they ask that horse to canter .

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