Definition Of camisole

a woman's loose-fitting undergarment for the upper body, typically held up by shoulder straps and having decorative trimming.

These sexy lingerie pieces included pink and black satin slips with ribbon detailing, accompanied with fishnet stockings, camisoles and matching underwear, and sexy nighties that are far too good to only be worn to bed!

Example Of camisole

  • ‘I am dressed,’ I pointed out, looking at my camisole and pajama pants.

  • By using an online lingerie store you can buy those camisoles , bustiers, robes, corsets, sexy bras and baby doll outfits in the comfort of your own home at any time of day or night.

  • Everyone except me was all dressed in black; I was wearing my white camisole and my long purple skirt.

  • Flowing style signals the return of authentic, seductive daytime lingerie, with camisoles and teddies.

  • For swimming we wore navy blue knee-length baggy costumes with a supporting bra like a camisole .

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