Definition Of cachets


a distinguishing mark or seal.

The historian's pose dissociates the author from all the observations he lets fall save those sealed with a personal cachet .

a flat capsule enclosing a dose of unpleasant-tasting medicine.

Once he had to prepare a sedative cachet for an obstreperous lion; fortunately he did not have to administer it.

the state of being respected or admired; prestige.

no other shipping company had quite the cachet of Cunard

Example Of cachets

  • Also, whereas eating your sushi off of a laydee rather than a plate has some cachet of status or decadence, drawing a female nude has no similar status in comparison to, say, a still life.

  • Although nobody can deny that having a ‘royal’ among the riders is added cachet for the sport, it is unthinkable that team selection could be done on anything other than merit.

  • And of course, as Indian food continues to gain in cachet you will also see many chefs who have graduated from American culinary institutes getting the star power-mantle of a celebrity chef.

  • But these brands have yet to exploit the cachet of ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ in their marketing, in the way that some non-runway labels have seized upon.

  • He continued: ‘The whole idea of good quality French produce has immense international cachet .’

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