Definition Of build


a compiled version of a program.

For workstations, standard system builds or images with commonly used software should be established for groups of users.

construct (something, typically something large) by putting parts or material together over a period of time.

the factory was built in 1936

the dimensions or proportions of a person's or animal's body.

she was of medium height and slim build

Example Of build

  • a beta build of the program

  • At one stage the county council was planning to build new courts but it now intends to refurbish the present buildings.

  • Cheshire County Council may build a dual carriageway passing within an estimated 200 yards of the property.

  • Drivers can be assured that the build quality is going to be second to none and the badge is just as prestigious as anything to come out of Germany.

  • engineers want to build in extra traction

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