Definition Of botheration


effort, worry, or difficulty; bother.

he has caused us a deal of unnecessary botheration

used to express mild irritation or annoyance.

The wind caught me a fearful buffet-and-a-half as I stepped out of the door, causing me to drop one of the bulbs. ‘Oh, botheration !’

Example Of botheration

  • And as the last few miles had shown, the Defiant wasn't a great winter car - the defroster took forever, and shifting was a botheration .

  • ‘We get eight per cent commission, and have no other botheration ,’ says Mr. Moosa.

  • Being injury prone was a big botheration as he acquired a reputation of being unfit.

  • But it is lot of botheration to cook breakfast so early in the morning.

  • Every botheration you feel is of your own making: never blame others for this universe as it is.

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