Definition Of borderline


a line marking a border.

The state secretary for maritime affairs stationed naval ships at the 12-mile borderline to ensure that the vessel didn't enter his country's waters.

barely acceptable in quality or as belonging to a category; on the borderline.

references may be requested in borderline cases

Example Of borderline

  • A normal level is 8 centimeters or more; 5 to 8 centimeters is borderline .

  • About 6,000 smokers with borderline to moderate airflow obstruction were recruited and were followed up for 5 years.

  • And because of that, isn't there a chance that they aren't borderline incompetent, and are closer to borderline great?

  • Another explanation of the findings could be that borderline dementia subjects might have lower leisure activity as a result of early disease.

  • At least one top NBA scout has been telling college underclassmen who might be borderline first-round picks this June that it's better to wait for the 2005 draft.

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