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the metal outer shell of a vehicle.

Vandals slashed tyres, scratched bodywork and pulled off windscreen wipers.

therapies and techniques in complementary medicine that involve touching or manipulating the body.

For those practising massage, bodywork and manipulative therapies, these somatic dysfunctions are vital to the assessment of musculoskeletal integrity.

Example Of bodywork

  • A new health bodywork technique is soon to be demonstrated in Kiltimagh.

  • Based in a specially designed kiosk on the airport's first floor adjacent to the information desk, the station offers shiatsu massage - a form of bodywork involving the client's acupressure points.

  • Choosing the Massage Training Institute, a leading organization teaching an holistic approach to bodywork , I began training for my diploma.

  • Dazzled by clustered headlamps and shiny bodywork , they are unable to see how their beloved cars have disfigured Britain.

  • Essentially, this consisted of an oil and filter change as well as a general examination of the exterior bodywork , foot and parking brake, all drive belts, windscreen washer and wheel alignment.

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