Definition Of body


(in pottery) a clay used for making the main part of ceramic ware, as distinct from a glaze.

In Siraj's ceramics, this body is in clay, bearing several forms and colours within it.

a distinct material object.

the path taken by the falling body

a full or substantial quality of flavor in wine.

The wine itself is rather fuller in body and more alcoholic than Chianti, reflecting its warmer production zone.

a large or substantial amount of something; a mass or collection of something.

a rich body of Canadian folklore

build the bodywork of (a motor vehicle).

an era when automobiles were bodied over wooden frames

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Example Of body

  • body of literature

  • a body falls from a height of 6 m

  • a motherly body

  • And I even think that it is only from a body of good followers that good leaders are likely to arise.

  • Anyway if you regard the body of work on the album ignoring the College Dropout theme this album is way ahead of the pack.

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