Definition Of blunder


a stupid or careless mistake.

As a matter of fact this whole rising, if it could be called that, was a succession of blunders , mistakes and errors.

make a stupid or careless mistake; act or speak clumsily.

the mayor and the City Council have blundered in an ill-advised campaign

Example Of blunder

  • A crude trawl of press coverage in November last year revealed a different story of doctors reportedly bungling, blundering , or groping their way through headlines for almost every day of the month.

  • A myth has grown up that he blundered into his discovery and did not realise the true potential of penicillin, leaving others to exploit it.

  • A stooped, blind old man blunders into the room and says: ‘Help, help me, they say I have no appointment today.’

  • Although blunderers aren't condemned for their blundering, and criminals aren't arraigned for their crimes, the evidence which might have condemned them is diligently recorded.

  • Any objective observer must report that the universe, if it is the product of conscious design, is clear proof that the designer is incompetent, a blunderer , an all-thumbs amateur who should not be allowed back into the workshop.

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